Marketing content, newsletters, research articles, copy editing, sales materials, web development and more.

Created and designed this marketing website for Coupon Advisor.

Editor & Publisher of Who's Who in Meat, a suppliers directory for the Meat Trade Institute.

Editor & Publisher for this trade association directory for the American Institute of Architects.

Designed this direct-mail piece for EZ Home Landscaping Corp.

Acted as editor & director for this video series by author Helen Berg.

Editor & Publisher of this web-based trade association interactive directory for the meat packing & processing industry.

Acted as primary copywriter for this industrial website for TMI Inc.

Acted as editor and video producer for this holiday book for young people.

Produced this promotional video for the Orange County National Golf Center.

Owner & Operator of Napkin Pitch Media for the past decade.

Edited and produced detailed Powerpoint promotions for various clients, including Aldea Project Management Corp.

Editor & Publisher of this trade association directory for the New York State Restaurant Association.

Maintain and market this prospect list of industry executives for sale to those serving the meat & poultry industry.

Managed email marketing campaigns and website development for various clients, including Brilliant Views LLC.

Editor & Publisher of the Weekly Flash Newsletter for Stevens Publishing Company.

Wrote, designed and produced this website for Infinity Insurance Group LLC.

Wrote and produced this sales video for the American Institute of Architects Annual membership Directory.

Also managed the advertising sales staff in support of the book.

Wrote and produced this marketing and sales video for the book "Boxer George the Pet Santa."


Stephen Flanagan
Clermont, FL 34711

Work Experience

Multi Media Services
Napkin Pitch Media
- Clermont, FL
April 2005 to Present

Alternative Media Ops is designed to service the needs of companies and organizations looking to maximize their exposure in today's vast social media universe. Using some of today's most advanced intelligence-gathering technologies, we are able to identify and then reach highly-specific demographic segments of the marketplace.

Techniques used include:

  • Market-segment identification using worldwide analysis of social media individual user communications (a new and emerging technology that remains highly proprietary);

  • Sophisticated link-analysis to identify and capture highly-specific special interest networks and groups;

  • Geographical communications analysis to discover who's talking about any topic, product or service in any-sized geo-coordinate from a building to a state or city;
    National, regional or local consumer sentiment analysis done in real-time on any subject or product. Data can then be used to track changes in sentiment;

  • The byproduct of customer identification gathering is on-going, completely up-to- the-minute prospect lists that include all contact information such as Twitter, email, phone, Facebook, Instagram and other personal profile information;

  • Real-time campaign effectiveness-tracking using these new technologies.

Using these techniques, we have developed a keen awareness of the strategic use of social media to influence purchasing decisions, public opinion and trends. Many of these new technologies are exclusive to Alternative Media Ops, making its services both unique and cost-effective.

Editor & Publisher
SPC Marketing Company
- West Islip, NY
October 1988 to Present

Stevens Publishing Company (SPC) has created, designed, produced and managed dozens of websites, magazines, newsletters, directories and direct mail projects for decades. I have been the editor/producer/publisher for dozens of magazines, newsletters, directories and on-line projects. Responsibilities included everything from writing, editing, design, layout, production and distribution oversight. I've managed dozens of writers, artists, sales reps, printers and fulfillment professionals.

SPC has managed many other publishing projects:

  • American Institute of Architects Reference Directory

  • Meat Industry INSIGHTS e-Newsletter

  • Restaurant Suppliers Iterative On-Line Directory

  • Who's Who in Meat Iterative On-Line Directory

  • Financial Planners Association Membership Directories

  • Interior Designers Source Book - for the American Society of Interior Designers


Veterans Advocate - State Director
Concerned Veterans for America
- Clermont, FL
2014 to 2015

Managed the grassroots effort to energize the veteran community and their families to become involved in the political process. Managed a staff of a half dozen paid professionals and thousands of volunteers. Responsible for developing a huge network of like-minded organizations and individuals.

Lobbied members of Congress and many state officials on issues affecting veterans and their families. Managed planning, budgeting and all field operations for the state of Florida.


Stevens Publishing Company
- Long Island, NY
1979 to 1997

Created, researched, wrote and promoted "Meat Industry Insights Newsletter" during a time when special interest newsletters were very popular. This Newsletter became quite successful and published until 1997, when the Internet became the center of news in the business world.

At its height, more than 1200 executives paid $169.00 a year for this service. The newsletter transformed into a web-based news service that was available for another five years. Stevens Publishing Company also published Catalog Showroom Reports Newsletter for three years in the mid-1970s.


Computer Software Developer
SPC Software Company
- Long Island, NY
1984 to 1990

It was the beginning of the computer age. I had been studying computer science independently while running my business. I invested $2400 in one of the first home-computer systems of its day - a Texas Instruments 99-4a system. The intent was to automate my newsletter production and distribution business.

I found the available software lacking, so designed and wrote "Data Base 1", one of the first third-party programs for the home computer market. This program sold thousands of copies worldwide and soon rivaled my newsletter business in gross revenue. It was a nice run for about four years. By that time, Microsoft and other "giants" entered the business. SPC Software suffered a slow and controlled withdrawal from the marketplace.


Bachelor's in Business & Journalism

Dowling College - Oakdale, NY
1981 to 1984



  • Marketing - 10+ years
  • Social Media Marketing - 10+ years
  • Goggle Analytics - 10+ years
  • Digital Marketing - 10+ years
  • Indesign - 10+ years
  • Branding - 10+ years
  • Social Media Management - 10+ years
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 10+ years
  • Copy Editing - 10+ years
  • Blogging - 10+ years
  • Email Marketing - 10+ years
  • Public Relations - 10+ years
  • Adobe Photoshop - 10+ years
  • Proofreading - 10+ years
  • Content Management - 10+ years
  • Adobe Creative Suite - 10+ years
  • Copywriting - 10+ years
  • Video Production - 10+ years
  • Journalism - 10+ years
  • B2B - 10+ years


Coupon Advisor:

Website and video written and produced by Stephen Flanagan

Meat Industry Prospect Database

This is an industry marketing and sales list managed and sold by Stephen Flanagan.

Napkin Pitch Media:

This website outlines the complete services offered by Stephen Flanagan and his associates at Napkin Pitch Media Agency.

American Institute of Architects Long Island Directory

I was the publisher of this trade association membership directory.

Who's Who in Meat Directory

I am the publisher of this trade association membership directory.

Restaurant Suppliers Directory - New York

I was the publisher of this trade association membership directory.

What is Love by Helen Berg

I acted as the editor and proofreader for this self-help book. I also assisted in graphics for the cover.

Boxer George the Pet Santa

This is a video promotion for a children's holiday book that I wrote and published. I also managed development of all illustrations.

Here's a link to the electronic edition:

TMI Manufacturing Website

I was the primary copywriter for this custom rubber molding & fabrication company, including their Blog section.

Additional Information - Editor & Publisher:

I served as the editor and publisher for many trade magazines and newsletters including:

  • Long Island Boating Magazine

  • Financial Planning Association Directories

  • Association of Financial Service Professionals Directories

  • Beer Wholesaler Magazine

  • Meat Industry Insights Newsletter

  • Deli-Dairy Management Magazine

  • Catalog Showroom Merchandiser

  • Catalog Showroom Reports Newsletter

  • Meat & Poultry Magazine

  • Eastern Automotive Journal


Stephen R. Flanagan
12850 Owasso Lane, Clermont, FL 34711
Cell: 631-365-4259

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