Napkin Pitch HI-TECH Solutions

Link Analysis:

This is a screenshot of a simple Link-Analysis report. In this example, we analyzed all people that accessed two Twitter links (the red dots).

We can see who accessed these links and who is in touch with others who also accessed the links (the green dots).

We exported 7200 contact links from this one simple example.

The data is then used for highly specific message targeting.

This method is also used to identify marketing segments of the population. We can find almost any market segment in real time by analyzing who's talking to who.

This technology arises from the world of counter-terrorism. The power of this analytical tool is unlimited.

Uses include real-time discovery of message effectiveness and in developing real-time list of potential customers.



This screenshot shows a simple Geo-Location Analysis. In this example, we analyzed all people mentioning a certain word (product or service) at that moment.

This is a REAL-TIME report, meaning these people are actually talking about our subject topic at that moment.

We use this to analyse sentiment during any time-segment. The left side of the screen contains the actual messages. The right side shows the actual location of each message sender.

Data captured includes the actual link for the message and the sender's identification information such as Twitter handle & profile, Instagram user name & profile and any links or reference sources that are part of the message. We can then capture this information for analysis and/or response.


Sentiment Analysis:

This screenshot shows a simple analysis of the "sentiment" being expressed in any segment of data that is being captured. In real-time, we are able to measure shifts in opinions, comments or mentions.

We use this tool to measure our own progress in spreading our message for any product or service.

This tool let’s us see what’s working and what’s not in REAL-TIME.