It’s a Whole New World:

High-Tech Advances in Consumer Identification and Outreach Have Changed Everything

  • Intelligence gathering technologies have advanced to the point where traditional customer identification and outreach are now obsolete.

  • Consumer identification can now be managed in real-time with campaign response times measured in hours rather than weeks.

  • Real-time consumer sentiment can now be measured by the minute and with accuracy that’s never before been available.

  • Outreach to highly segmented demographics are now within financial reach of virtually any sized campaign.

  • Competitor research is now possible in real-time.

  • Link analysis technology has been perfected so that any marketing campaign can now identify both loyal customers and potential new customers in real time.

  • The cost to generate millions of highly targeted consumer impressions is now measured in pennies-per-thousand rather than dollars.

  • Video production no longer needs to consume huge portions of a advertising or marketing budget.

Napkin Pitch Media now offers these exclusive new technologies and methods of outreach that will give your company an incredible advantage against the competition.