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Helen Berg
Stephen Roberts

Why Love, Health & Happiness.
(Season 1. Show 1)

A little about why Helen and Stephen think they can help those seeking a happier life.
May 29, 2019


You Don't Always Have to Solve a Problem.
(Season 1. Show 2)

Sometimes just "understanding" is enough to lend comfort to someone in pain.
June 4, 2019


A Healthy Diet is Often Just a Matter of Common Sense.
(Season 1. Show 3)

"Extreme" diets can often do more harm than good. Here's one person's healthy diet change that worked.
June 11, 2019

Conflict Resolution in Everyday Life.
(Season 1. Show 4)

Don't empower abusers by letting them upset your life.
July 10, 2019


If Not Now, When?
(Season 1. Show 5)

It is not selfish to peruse your dreams, no matter how old you are.
July 16, 2019


The Weirdest Dream.
(Season 1. Show 6)

How dreams can have significant meaning and why it is OK to want others to help.
July 23, 2019


What is Happiness?
(Season 1. Show 7)

This is a term that has a thousand definitions, though "inner peace" seems to top the list.
July 31, 2019


Learning From a Child's Perspective.
(Season 1. Show 8)

Loving her parents, pets and "fun stuff." We should all hold on to our original, unconditional, purity of thought.
August 7, 2019


Bursting the Big Bubble of Fear.
(Season 1. Show 9)

Getting back to love by overcoming fear that was generated by past failures.
August 14, 2019


Gratitude is the Spice of Life.
(Season 1. Show 10)

Get into the habit of appreciating the little (and BIG things) in Life.
August 20, 2019


Just Say "NO."
(Season 1. Show 11)

It's Never as Bad as You Think.
September 25, 2019


Boundaries in Relationships
(Season 1. Show 12)

Set Comfortable Limits for Yourself and Those Important to You.
October 16, 2019


Think Good and Good Things Will Happen
(Season 1. Show 13)

The power of positive thought.
November 13, 2019


Boundaries in Intimate Relationships
(Season 1. Show 14)

Don't Minimize Your Own Self Esteem. 
December 11, 2019


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