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Debt Free Life & Retirement Program


Get out of debt and take control of your financial future including a great retirement fund.

From mortgage payments to student debt, auto loans, credit cards and medical debts, the journey to achieving the American dream can leave many of us saddled with debt.

By the time we reach retirement, a large portion of our lifetime earned income went towards paying interest. As a result, retirement savings are crippled. With Debt Free Life, you can rewrite your story.

What if you could eliminate debt in 9 years or less, without spending any additional money, and retire with a Million-Plus Dollars?

bullseye The Debt Free Life Program is a revolutionary approach the age-old problem of too much debt. This program provides a path to financial freedom. It's time tested, proven, and re-imagined to solve today's debt burden.

Eliminate your debt

so you can earn interest instead of paying it

Create retirement wealth

that is tax free and guaranteed

Protect your family

with a permanent life insurance policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Debt Free Life?

Free Life is an insurance solution that builds a cash value over time. As your cash value grows, you will be able to eliminate all of your debt incrementally and save the balance for retirement – without spending any additional money. With Debt Free Life, you’ll be able to create a long-lasting legacy for your family, achieve financial freedom, and retire with a tax-favored income.

Debt Free Life is a turnkey insurance solution that helps you achieve financial freedom by eliminating debt and building your savings. Plus, it provides your family with the coverage they need should the unthinkable happen. All of this is achieved without spending any additional money than you are right now.

What are the advantages of Debt Free Life?

The top advantage of Debt Free Life is the financial freedom you get from being debt free. By paying off all of your debt in nine years or less, you will begin saving for the retirement you deserve. Through this unique offering, you’ll reduce the volume of interest you are paying to lenders, decrease taxes and retire with a tax-favored income.

Can I afford Debt Free Life?

Yes! Debt Free Life allows you to accomplish your financial goals, eliminate debt, and save for retirement without spending any additional money than you are currently spending. The question is not can you afford this program, rather, can you afford to delay getting started?

When should I implement Debt Free Life?

As soon as you can! The earlier you begin your journey to financial freedom, the greater results you will see. An Infinity-Approved agent is ready to help you – let’s get started! Fill out the no-obligation form below for more information.

Debt Free Life Success Stories

See what Financial Freedom can look like

Debt free in 7.8 Years

Projected Retirement:  $2,229,020

Debts eliminated with Debt Free Life

Mortgage $305,235
Auto Loan $33,439
RV Loan


Total $396,547

Additional money spent each month $0

Debt free in 9 Years

Projected Retirement: $2,080,000

Debts eliminated with Debt Free Life

Mortgage $376,318
Auto Loan $18,928
Credit Cards


Medical/Dental $1,708
Furniture $3,944
Total $432,207

Additional money spent each month $0

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Debt Free Life is the turn-key solution to paying off your debt and saving for retirement.

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