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America is Under Assault!

America is under assault by leftist-socialist forces that represent is very small portion of our citizens. Groups such as Antifa and BLM hate America because it stands for INDIVIDUAL Rights. This offends Leftists because they want to take control of our government... and YOU!

They must be stopped and they will be stopped.

This video typifies what the Left truly hates about America -- individual liberty and the freedom to have your own opinions, worship where you please and to elect representatives that hold your values. The main reason the Left hated President Trump is because he is NOT one of them. They hated that Trump still believes in the American dream and that he feels America is exceptional among the nations of the World.

The Conservative Society for Action Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube channels have been Censored since the beginning of 2020.

We will migrate our social media efforts to the Truth Social platform. As soon as that is done, we'll provide that link here.

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Short Video History of of the Conservative Society for Action

Stephen Flanagan is the founder of the Conservative Society for Action (CSA), a grassroots political organization that was formed to oppose the socialistic tendencies of the Obama Administration. In 2009, CSA held the first town hall protest against Obamacare and the organization quickly rose to be a leader in the fight for smaller, more transparent and Constitutional government.

The organization worked to flip the House of Representatives from Democrat to Republican control in 2010, worked to flip the Senate in 2014 and worked to elect a Republican president in 2016.

Stephen Flanagan also worked for Concerned Veterans for America in states like North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Ohio to help Republicans win control of the US Senate.

Until recently, the CSA Facebook page reached millions of conservative Americans with news and facts in support of Free Enterprise and Freedom. After reaching more and four million citizens in February of 2020, Facebook decided to censor CSA's information by imposing a 95% ban on our distribution.

Despite this censorship by the major social media platforms, CSA is determined to carry on the fight. Hopefully, you'll join us.

Here is a brief video history of some of the action that founder Stephen Flanagan and CSA's vast membership has taken to save America from the socialist onslaught.

Conservative Society for Action holds Rally Against Restrictive Gun Control - "We will not Comply"

The assault on our Constitution continues all over America. In 2013, the state of New York passed an oppressive and punitive anti-gun law in the middle of the night. Even most so-called "conservative Republicans" supported Governor Andrew Cuomo's assault on legal gun owners. Stephen Flanagan and members of the Conservative Society for Action took to the streets in opposition to this attempt to usurp the right of Americans to own and bear arms. This is news coverage by a local news channel.

Conservative Society for Action holds protest rally at Sen. Chuck Schumer's office.

During the height of the debate over nationalized healthcare in 2009, the Conservative Society for Action rallied against Obamacare at Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. Hundreds of angry patriots descended upon his office to make it clear that we opposed government interference in our healthcare industry. Schumer and his staff quickly snuck out the back door. CSA served Schumer with a “proclamation” calling for free markets and common-since solutions to the small number of Americans who might not have health coverage.

Conservative Society for Action holds protest rally outside DNCC Chairman Steve Israel's office.

Steve Israel was the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee and a long-time, liberal member of the House of Representatives. He boasted for years that he as a “moderate,” but when it came time to use common sense on the issue of Obamacare, he threw his so-called “moderate” views to the curb and worked for passage. The Conservative Society for Action showed up at his office one day and let him know what common sense Americans thought about bureaucrats taking over our healthcare. This rally is an example of grassroots organizing at its very core.

CSA Political Action: Making Incumbency a Disadvantage

It was 2010 and Obama had become president earlier that year. It was clear the overriding Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate meant that Obama would have his way in “fundamentally changing” America. CSA immediately set out to become a vocal and vehement loyal opposition. But we had to remember one thing: The only way Obama could have his way was to have the House and Senate behind him. The answer was a sustained and sweeping attack on House seats in 2010. And the one way to be victorious was to change historic political norms and turn “incumbency” into a “disadvantage.” Stephen Flanagan explains that philosophy at a CSA meeting in 2010.

CSA: Tax Cap Will Save Homeowners Money

As taxes have grew ever-more higher in the last decade, the Conservative Society for Action threw its support behind a Property Tax Cap in New York State, similar to the Property 13 Tax Cap legislation passed in California many decades ago. Property taxes in NYS saw many middle class families paying $8000 to $15,000 per year in property taxes (on top of a high state income tax, huge sales taxes and growing fees for everything from driver licenses to selling your house). A tax cap would limit property tax increases to the rate of inflation or 2%, which ever was lower. After months of lobbying, the tax cap bill passed. This is some local news coverage of Stephen Flanagan and CSA showing support for the legislation.

CSA's Flanagan says we must "Stop Common Core"

As if Obamacare, slow economic growth, apologizing for America and the “new normal” of low expectations wasn’t enough, the country continued to suffer an assault on our education system. The elites in Washington and the Think Tanks had been dumbing down our education standards for decades, but they were not done. Common Core was introduced and mandated in many states as a means to make sure a “one-size-fits-all” approach was taken to education. No more high or low standards. Just one standard dictated by the elites in Washington. CSA was sick and tired of the assault and fought back in 2016 with many efforts to oppose Common Core standards. In this video, Stephen Flanagan expresses his outrage at the prospect.

CSA Tax Day Tea Party 2014

One of the traditions of the Tea Party Movement in the last decade is to hold annual Tax Day Rallies. CSA had its first huge rally on April 15, 2009 when more than 3000 people packed a huge field and we talked about planning our opposition to socialism and Big Government. The tradition has held up over the years and conservative patriots still like to come out, even when the weather is bad. Here’s a short video in tribute to some of those Americans on April 15, 2014.

Voter Fraud is a Huge Problem for America

There are many on the Left who say there is no such thing as voter fraud – despite evidence that’s everywhere. The re-election lose by Allan West in Florida a few years back is a perfect example where the winner was suddenly the loser (when 6000 voted mysteriously showed up the day after the election. Look it up). This video by CSA show many examples of voter fraud that are clearly evident. Check it out and help spread the word.

"Effective Political Action" Speech by CSA Founder Stephen Flanagan

This is the speech by CSA founder Stephen Flanagan that outlined plans for the political action that would help change the country and launch the Tea Party and Conservative Movement. He describes his view of “effective political action” and talked about the soon-to-launch Town Hall Protest Movement against Obamacare and big government. Flanagan’s are being delivered at a huge rally at the New York State Capital Building early in 2009.

CSA Organizes Hundreds to Protest Health Care Bill on a Busy Street Corner

Here’s some news coverage of a CSA rally that took place in opposition to the 2009 Obamacare bill. Hundreds of Americans stood on a busy street corner in the middle of summer shouting “Hands off Healthcare” and Read the Bill.” CSA founder Stephen Flanagan is interviewed and explains his organization’s basic objection to the bill.

Flanagan Appears on Fox News to Discuss Efforts to Create a Tea Party Line in NY

In 2011, politics in New York State was so chaotic that none of the major parties was acting the least bit conservative, including the Conservative Party. In an effort to expand conservative thought in the mostly Liberal state, Stephen Flanagan and the CSA supported efforts to form a new party line on the ballot. This interview on Fox news dealt with that issue.

Stephen Flanagan Wins “Gipper Award” from Ronald Reagan Club

In recognition of his efforts on behalf of Reagan-style conservative values and policies, CSA Founder Stephen Flanagan was honored by the Ronald Reagan Republican Club’s “Gipper Award.” Here, Flanagan gives his acceptance speech and outlines goals, objectives and methods to hundreds in attendance.

Flanagan Wins “Patriot of the Year” Award from the Oldest Republican Club in the Nation

As the move to take our country back intensified, the efforts of the Conservative Society for Action was being recognized. To honor its work ranging from restoration of a Republican majority in the NY State Senate to the election of conservative candidates, the nation’s oldest Republican Club named CSA Founder Stephen Flanagan as its “Patriot of the Year.” This video includes the award ceremony and comments by Stephen Flanagan at the Queens County Republican Club in 2012.

Stephen Flanagan of CSA Meets with Oath Keepers at Fraunces Tavern in NYC

One of CSA’s goals in building the conservative movement was to reach out and encourage like-minded groups and individuals to work together. One of the groups that was starting to grow at that time was called “Oath Keepers.” It was a group founded by retired military and law-enforcement individuals who wanted to defend the Constitution from socialist forces that were at work in recent decades. CSA’s Stephen Flanagan met with members of Oath Keepers at George Washington’s Revolutionary War headquarters at Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in 2013. Flanagan outlined how the groups could work together and he outlined various methods for success.

Stephen Flanagan (Concerned Veterans of America Florida State Director) Addresses the Tea Party Network of Florida

Stephen Flanagan became the Florida State Director for Concerned Veterans for America in 2014 to help build the conservative base of voters in that state in preparation for the 2016 Presidential Election. After working to take the House and Senate in 2010 and 2014, it was now time to make sure a Republican was elected President so we could “take our country back.” Flanagan helped build a network of more than 8000 conservative veterans to pave the way for a Republican victory. Florida was the biggest of the swing states and had voted for Obama twice (by the narrowest of margins). It was time to stop the blue tide in Florida. It worked. In this video, Flanagan talks about the methods used to build that base of conservative veteran volunteers that helped turn the tide.

"No Election is Unimportant" - Flanagan

You’ve often heard the term “off-year-election” and you may have heard about the challenges faced in those years. In an address to CSA members and other fellow conservatives, Stephen Flanagan discussed efforts necessary to make sure that ALL elections were considered “important.” He observed that we have “people sitting on local town boards that are as bad as Nancy Pelosi.” He says removing those people are just as important to the country in the long run.

Stephen Flanagan Inspires Crowd to Keep Fighting

It was the height of the fight to stop Obama’s big changes to the Left in 2010. There had already been some push back in states like Virginia and even in New Jersey. On this day in 2010, Flanagan encouraged CSA members and other Patriots to fight hard so we can take back our country from Obama’s “Fundamental Change.” He named a number of incumbents that needed to be defeated and described what was needed to take back the New York State Senate for conservative Republicans. Editor’s note: It worked.

Mandate Relief Forum - Comments by Stephen Flanagan

After years of working to lower property taxes as a co-founder of TaxPAC on Long Island, NY (and as a member of his local School Board), Stephen Flanagan joined the fight for state mandate relief. New York had been passing dozens of mandated programs and policies for decades and the cost to taxpayers had become unbearable. The state’s one-size-fits-all mandates were useless to many districts, but they forced into implementation by law. At a well-attended meeting on the issue, Stephen Flanagan answered questions by teachers and others who loved the big spending for their own personal gain.

Stephen Flanagan Outlines Opposition to Obamacare at Rally in 2009

“If you think this is just about healthcare, you are wrong,” said Stephen Flanagan as he outlined his group’s opposition to Obamacare less than a month before the crucial vote to nationalize one-sixth of our nation’s economy. Those were the dog days of July and August in 2009 when the birth of the Tea Party Movement had spawned massive citizen rallies and protests. CSA was at the forefront of much of that action, including involvement in a rally of more than one million people in Washington that same year.

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